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Champion Controls fosters an engineering environment that breathes a unified expectation. It is this experience that allows us to create components that functions together to meet the customers’ needs. Our skills smoothly help us to integrate all systems

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Our company is experienced in applying monitoring and control technologies such as SCADA, PLC and RTU/Telemetry.  The following is an example of how we handle a typical project.  After we receive your contract, our engineers will perform the design work using industry best practices and produce the necessary documentation, calculations, and AutoCAD drawings for your approval.  Once approved, our manufacturing personnel will fabricate the system in accordance with the drawings.  Quality inspections occur throughout the process.

In parallel with the manufacturing efforts, our engineers will develop the application program for the selected PLC or RTU including developing the HMI user interface screens and any databases or interface protocol that are necessary.  Once complete, the system is tested and made available for your factory acceptance test (FAT).

After shipment,  our licensed electrical contractor personnel are available to  install the system at your site.  Finally, we will train your staff in the proper operation of the system and support you personnel in any startup and commissioning activities as needed.


Solution Made easy Through Integration


HMI / SCADA Software

  • Data Flow Systems – DFS


  • GE Intellution iFix

  • Rockwell RSView

  • Schneider Electric Wonderware

  • Siemens SIMATIC WinCC

  • Trihedral VTScada

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  • Rockwell Allen Bradley

  • CompactLogix, ControlLogix, MicroLogix, PLC 5, and SLC 500

  • GE / GE Fanuc

  • Schneider Electric Telemecanique Modicon

  • Siemens PCS

  • Bristol Babcock

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  • Motorola – MOSCAD & ACE3600

  • Data Flow Systems – DFS

  • Digital Control Company – DCC

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Process Control Equipment

  • Annunciator / Alarm Panels – various suppliers

  • Digital Control Corp – DCC –microprocessor based level measurement & control products

  • Xylem MultiTrode – pump station controllers level sensing devices, & SCADA

  • Dataloggers

  • Campbell Scientific

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Field Devices

  • Limit Switches
  • Speed Control Sensors
  • Inclinometer Devices
  • Overload switching Devices
  • Motors (Span lock / Brakes)

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  • Functional Checkout & Final Acceptance Testing
  • Preparation of operating and Maintenance
  • Training for electrical control systems

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Schedule Delivery

We deliver your panel when you're ready, we know that projects run on schedule. we make it our business to see that your product is received during the project's scheduled period.

Detailed Manufacturing

We give you what you pay for. Champion ensures that the custom is involved in every step of the production procedure, making they understand that we will give them exactly what is agreed to.


Champion has put a lot into the development of its production plant. We constantly work to eliminate any slow down during critical times and ensure efficiency within our procedures.


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Our company employs some of the most advanced technology in today’s market.


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Being able to access your equipment in a controlled environment is critical to ensuring that the job gets 


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We can integrate automation control and computer information systems under one roof. 


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