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Champion Controls is a global solution partner and is proud to be so. We provide not just Control Panels but opportunities for our customers to reach their full potential. We supply a wide range of services not limited to control systems, SCADA, PLC, RTU, HMI, and much more. Champion can also accommodate your testing, inspection, and certification needs upon request.

UL-Certified Design and Manufacturing for your Safety


Why trust your panels to any run-of-the-mill panel shop? If your inspectors are not there to watch the work being performed, how can you be assured of the quality you will receive? Champion Controls designs and builds its panels to meet the stringent UL safety requirements. Your electricians can rest assured when they work on one of our control panels that it’s been designed with their safety in mind. In accordance with UL, the NEC, and as applicable, we ensure that the entire panel and all its components inside meet a Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) and that the panel is appropriately labeled with the SCCR. In addition, full load running current (FLA) calculations are performed as required to ensure that the extent of the electrocution hazard is clearly identified to those that may work on the panel once installed in your facility.

We are UL certified for industrial control panels for normal and hazardous locations for the USA and Canada. 

Control Panel Manufacturing


Manufacturing Control Panels is no easy process. Some projects take months to complete. This work takes a lot of engineering and know-how. It has to be precise and accurate all the time. Manufacturers of control panels have to be flexible and adaptive to handle not just today’s ever-changing markets but also deal with the pitfalls of price increases, and logistical challenges, customer re-design, additions and so much more.


For these reasons, you gain from having a partner like champion Control at your side. Not only do we prepare you for all those steps involved in manufacturing, but we also ensure that you are educated on the process.

We have a very intuitive feature rich software platform that helps us to navigate the inner working of the control panel industries, Our prices are kept up to date and we ensure that our customers are giving the best prices available on the market.


We work only with reputable companies and ensure that all guidelines are followed and all standards are a herd to during our quotation process.




Onsite Service

Vehicle Service

Our engineers are able to service your equipment onsite. All our employees go through extensive background checks.



Providing maintenance service

Ensure your equipment is running at its full potential. We go through a long list of industry-verified checks.



Integrated solutions

Our integrated solutions are designed with you in mind, we deliver the products that you desire. It is important that we get right.



Our support keeps you going

You need support, whether it be onsite or remote, our engineers are working to resolve all issues that can arise from our equipment

In Florida, we design and manufacture custom control panels and other sheet metal works. By performing the complete design and manufacturing work under the same roof, we deliver you the highest quality product and best value. 


A point-to-point checkout is performed on all products prior to shipment to facilitate faster field installation and commissioning. 


A full AutoCAD drawing package and associated documentation are also provided as required.  As we are a full-service engineering firm and licensed electrical contractor, System Integration and Engineering services such as PLC programming and startup services are also available.

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