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Transportation – Traffic Control & Lighting

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Transportation – Traffic Control and Lighting

Champion Controls supplied systems to automate the ramp gates for the recently completed reversible express lanes addition to I-595. The $1.2B FDOT project was completed in March 2014 after 4 years of construction. Entrance ramps to the Express Lanes are equipped with automated red and white striped warning gates in their closed position along the ramp to prevent a vehicle from entering the lanes in the wrong direction. The last gate is a barrier gate, designed to stop a vehicle.

In addition, Champion Controls supplied lighting control panels for FDOT’s Port of Miami Tunnel. The project, which is the first tunnel in Miami, provides a cost effective way to link the Port of Miami to the adjacent Interstate highway system. The Tunnel runs from Watson Island to Dodge Island.

  • Tunnel and Roadway Lighting
  • Park Lighting
  • Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium Lighting
  • Static Dissipate Lightning Protection
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppression – TVSS

  • Miami International Concourse J
  • Boynton Beach 7th Street
  • Okeechobee Toll Plaza
  • FDOT Port of Miami Tunnel lighting
  • I595 Express Lane Entrance Gate Control System
  • VA Parking Lighting Control Panels

Port of Miami Tunnel Lighting

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