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Champion Controls supplies control systems throughout the USA for control of heavy movable structures such as Bascule Bridges, Vertical Lift Bridges, Swing Span Bridges and Gantry/Traveling Cranes.  The leading A&E firms, general contractors and electrical contractors that serve this market know that they will always receive the best when they choose a Champion Controls solution for their heavy movable structures projects.

Champion Controls provides fully engineered control panels that incorporate everything to ensure safe motor control of heavy movable structures that meet the USCG, AASHTO, and DOT regulations.  Designs featuring redundant control PLC can also be supported.  With our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we are ideally situated to serve the needs of the almost 100 movable bridges in Florida.  We are familiar with the special environmental needs of harsh coastal installations therefore our standard designs incorporate stainless steel cabinets providing NEMA 3R or NEMA 4X protection from the environment.

Electric motor drives are commonly used to control heavy movable structure.  These drives must be tested to ensure that they can perform their desired function when called up.  We provide motor and drive testing services to support those testing needs too.

Our ISA certified electric motor dynamometer is designed to load test and certify the capabilities of horizontal 230V AC or 460V AC electric motors.  The system supports electric motors ranging from small fractional HP up to 100 HP  and up to 600 lb-ft continuous torque (900 lb-ft intermittent). The inhouse dynamometer gives Champion Controls the unique advantage of conducting the drive test required by the AASHTO specification without the hassle of having to send the completed works out for testing.  All testing is witnessed and certified by an independent third party.   Click the link to learn more about our motor testing services.  Contact us if you wish to book time on our dynamometer.

We are a proud member of the Heavy Movable Structures (HMS) organization.  The main mission of HMS is to provide forums for information interchange among bridge owners, government agencies, designers, contractors, suppliers, and other groups involved in movable bridges and heavy movable structures.  Click the link to learn more about how we server the market

  • Bascule Bridge
  • Vertical Lift Bridge
  • Swing Bridge
  • Trunnion Bascule Bridge
  • Rolling Lift Bascule
  • Retractile Bridge
  • Control / Relay Panel – CP1
  • Control Desk / Console – CP2
  • Span Lock Motor / Drive
  • Submarine Cable Termination
  • Static Dissipate Lightning Protection
  • Variable Frequency Drive – Motor / Drive Control
  • Railroad Turntable
  • Steel Mill Planer
  • Ship Unloader
  • Bridge and Trolley Motions on Cranes
  • Missile Moving House

  • 11th Avenue Bridge
  • 17th Street Bridge
  • Anna Maria Bridge
  • Bayway Bridge
  • Cortez Bridge
  • Crescent Beach Bridge
  • Gandy Bridge
  • High Bridge Road Bridge
  • Longboat Pass Bridge
  • Madiera Beach Bridge
  • Miami Avenue Bridge

crescent beach bridge

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